Volunteering from Home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Illumination Foundation is not currently offering in-person volunteer opportunities. However, we have plenty of opportunities to support us from home. Please contact Sydney Quinn at [email protected] for more information about any of these volunteer activities.

Featured Opportunity: 

Goody Bags for Front Line Staff
Provide Illumination Foundation front line staff with an appreciation goody bag. In each bag include a small Starbucks or In-N-Out gift card, candy or cookies, a salty snack, and a note of appreciation. 

Additional Opportunities: 

Goody Bags for Illumination Foundation Clients
Provide the adult clients at our Navigation Centers and Recuperative Care Centers with a goody bag. In each bag, please include: candy, a salty snack, hot cocoa or tea, an activity or coloring book and a note of encouragement. 

Sewing Face Masks
If you know how to sew, we are looking for volunteers who can make masks for the clients living in our shelters, recuperative care centers, and Family Emergency Homes. 

Center Decoration Kit
Help Illumination Foundation brighten up our Family Emergency Homes and centers by donating a center decoration kit. Work with coworkers, friends, and family to collect items such as adhesive wall art, door decorations, artificial plants, inspirational wall art/posters. Decorations can be seasonally themed or any theme that would add a special touch to the center. 

Cookie Decorating in a Box
Prepare a fun cookie decorating activity for the kids in our Emergency Family Home. Put together a box with pre-packaged cookies, frosting, sprinkles, fun plates, and decorating tools. Please prepare enough for 25 people. 

Meal Service Drop Off
Provide and drop off a meal for the clients at one of our centers. Show our clients that their community cares about them by putting together or purchasing individually wrapped meals for each client at one of our centers and dropping them off to the staff members outside. The volunteer team will work with you to coordinate the location, time, date and number of clients for the meal drop off. Meal service deliveries are available in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Inland Empire.

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