Our industry-leading Street2Home program

goes beyond housing people who are experiencing homelessness.
Through Street2Home, we provide a full circle of care and resources to bring people the support they need to disrupt the cycle of homelessness.

Reaching out to those who need it most

In the street

It starts with building trusting, stable relationships with the homeless people we serve. Our case managers give out water, food, medicine, and other basic needs during bi-weekly visits. Plus, we work with local health professionals to provide free preventative care.

At our office

Our goal isn’t just to disrupt the cycle of homelessness, but to prevent it. We have a team of case managers in Stanton, CA, dedicated to educating clients about our services and available resources. So, if they’re homeless or in danger of being homeless, it’s not just about finding shelter – it’s about tapping into the opportunities that will shelter these people from potential homelessness permanently.

Providing medical support


Starting the healing

Homelessness is difficult enough without being sick or suffering debilitating physical issues. We partner with the most capable hospitals and government agencies where our clients’ intensive medical needs are taken care of until they’re ready to take the next step into our extensive Recuperative Care program. Learn more here … 


Recuperative care

It can be tough to navigate the transition from a hospital to a home of your own, let alone the scary prospect of being back on the street while still trying to recover your health. When a client enters our Recuperative Care program, they learn how to stay healthy. So, people with chronic health problems can get back on their feet and back to the community. We have all the details and forms you need here.

Uniting a community

Housing options

Finding someone’s ideal home takes a tailored approach. We have emergency housing to serve families right off the street. Medical and bridge housing acclimates those transitioning between temporary and permanent homes, while out vibrant micro-communities facilitate close relationships between families.


Child care

Childhood is a time to dream and be carefree, yet 1 in 4 children in OC are born into poverty. Our trauma-informed programs help them cope with their circumstances, renew their hope and realize a different future. We also offer summertime educational programs and events.

Ensuring long term stability


From house to home

Street2Home doesn’t just help people find a home. We help them keep it. Empowering our clients to build a positive relationship with their community turns houses into homes.


From job to career

We closely mentor our clients in the Street2Home program, and equip them with the skills they need to be employable—78% of people engaged in our Workforce Development get a job.

Make a real impact

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