It was unknown how long Stanley was living on the streets, but he struggled with substance abuse, mental health, and chronic illnesses. Stanley was at St. Joseph Hospital for pancreatitis and other medical issues. His eyesight was severely deteriorated where he couldn’t see more than a few inches in front of him. St. Joseph was able to refer Stanley to our Recuperative Care program to receive the care that he needed.

While Stanley clearly had a physical disability, he didn’t let that stop him from working with staff to complete his goals. He was connected to REACH where they helped those with mental health and disabilities obtain resources to help them live a fuller life. With the help of staff and REACH, Stanley was connected to a clinic to help with his chronic illness and find him housing that would serve his needs.

With his disability paperwork previously on hold, his case manager helped him get the required documentation he needed to resume the process. Staff also assisted in getting him his needed medication obtain General Relief funds, and assisted in advocating for him to obtain housing.

Stanley was able to find a transitional shelter that would give him more support with his chronic illness and substance use. They had programs in place to help him overcome his challenges. Although he still had obstacles ahead of him, case manager was able to ensure he would have the assistance and support of REACH during his stay at the transitional shelter. With staff help, Stanley was confident he could move forward in his life to reach success.