Marlo finds home

Marlo had been homeless on the streets of Los Angeles for over 3 years. He would stay at family members’ places for a short period of time, but mainly slept outdoors. During those years, his health was diminished while out in the environment. He became homeless due to alcoholism and mental health needs; he continued his struggle for years.

His deteriorating health led him to go to the hospital multiple times a year. Finally, he landed at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital for shortness of breath and pneumonia, alcoholism, hypertension, and beginning stages of dementia. He was then referred to Recuperative Care through LA DHS.

While at Recuperative Care, staff worked with Marlo to get him stabilized and help him find housing. His case manager assisted him in obtaining the necessary documents in order to apply for housing. Staff helped him order a new California ID, his medical insurance card, and his SSN card. They began his application to SSI and took him to all his medical appointments.

Marlo was also connected to much needed mental health services. Marlo was reconnected to his family, and his sister and mother came out to the facility to visit and support him during his stay. After gathering his important documents, staff helped Marlo find housing and he moved into his own apartment at Huntington Park, CA. Marlo expressed his appreciation for all the staff did for him, and he was extremely happy to be able to have his own place.