Jorge faced many barriers that prevented him from finding housing and a job. With his history of incarceration, it was very difficult for him to find a job, and he became homeless with no place to go. After getting in an accident, he ended up at Loma Linda University Medical Center. He was treated and then referred to the Recuperative Care program through IEHP.

At Recuperative Care, Jorge was thankful to have a safe place to recover while being given the opportunity to turn his life around. While working with his case manager, Jorge was determined to find a solution to his housing needs. He wanted to also reconnect with his family and try to mend those relationships. Jorge was able to reestablish contact with his family, but they were not willing to let him move back in. However, they agreed to lend him money to find an RV for himself. With this great news, Jorge was active everyday trying to secure himself an RV at an affordable price. Soon, he was able to acquire an RV and an RV park to make a home for himself. He started working again by creating his own business as a handyman. Jorge was now able to provide for himself and have a stable home. He expressed his gratitude to the staff for their support and assistance that enabled him to have a brighter future.