Jim and Joshua

Jim and Joshua Arambula became an Illumination Foundation family on March 10th, 2014. On March 9th, 2014, the family lost their housing due to Jim’s struggle to find employment. Through the Housing Anaheim Pilot Program (HAPP) and the McKinney Vento School District Liaison, Jim and Joshua were connected to IF before the father and son ever had to spend the night on the streets. Jim had been a journeyman as bridge builder and pile driver. Due to being a single dad of a young son, he struggled to be able to keep up with the long hours and daycare costs. Now that Joshua is older, Jim is able to go back to work. Unfortunately, Jim has been struggling to find employment due expired union fees and the theft of his tools.  Jim and Joshua’s story was sent to an organization called Let’s Share Inc, and through this amazing organization Jim was able to receive another set of tools and get his union fees paid up until August 2014. Being HAPP clients, Jim and Joshua were able to get into their own apartment on April 1st, and Jim is working hard to find employment.

Jim is the most amazing dad to his 12 year old son Joshua, and Joshua is the apple of his eye. Jim is happy to have a place to call home, so he can be able to catch up on world events on the news and also be able to play his guitar. Joshua is excited about finishing up his days at his elementary school and entering into middle school next year. The two classes that he is looking forward to take next fall are drama and math engineering. Joshua is very involved in his school work and enjoys hanging out with his friends and skateboarding. Illumination Foundation Staff enjoy seeing the progress that this family has made and seeing their smiles while in the office.