Illuminate the Night

When top-ranked chefs come together for the annual Illumination Foundation’s Chef’s Table on June 27, 2021, you’re going to discover all sorts of magic. While this years event may look a little different, you will still experience the same level of elegance, style and innovation as in the year’s past. We have created this event with your safety and comfort in mind as we transport you to a spectacular evening under the stars.


Illuminate The Night

This year’s event will be held at the private estate of Marc Carlson and Jacqueline DuPont-Carlson. Amidst two and a half meandering acres, this picturesque outdoor backdrop will provide a magical evening as renowned chefs bring their extensive culinary skills to life and to the delighted senses of our guests. This year’s event will also feature world-class chef, AMAR SANTANA, which will enhance the exclusivity and creativity of this unique experience.

You’re simply not going to find this evening’s menu in any restaurant.

Illuminate The Night Co-Chaired by
Jacqueline Dupont-Carlson and Karen Jordan

How We Are Keeping You Safe During The Event ⎋

Click the link above to learn more about the safety protocols we are taking for this year’s event.

And, of course, there’s a specialness.

A sort of charmed bit of stardust that descends on the event, uniting extraordinary chefs with extraordinary hearts in a partnered decision to join efforts with Illumination Foundation in disrupting the cycle of homelessness.

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