Creative Ways To Give

Be the Change!

There’s more than one way to support our mission. You have the power to help raise funds to break the cycle of homelessness! You can host a car wash, bake off, jog-a-thon or a cocktail party with purpose. Whatever your idea is, your support can help save lives and prevent a lifelong cycle!

Make a Donation in Lieu of Gifts

Give up your birthday or wedding gifts and ask for donations instead! Celebrate life, while giving someone else a chance to break out of the cycle of homelessness.

Donate in Honor of a Loved One...

Do you know someone who dedicates their life to helping others? Do you want to make a gesture to them, but help your local community at the same time? Make a donation in their honor and we will make sure they know the kind gesture you did!

Get your community/organization involved!

We all know that two people can do more than one, and what better way to start a fundraiser? Set a funding goal (Remember: $10,000 is one year of housing and critical services for a family). Get your entire organization involved!

Need a place to start? Here are some creative ideas for ways to fundraise!