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Helping Homeless Children & Their Families

Sobering Statistics:

In the past 10 years …

  • The number of children living in crowded conditions with multiple adults has doubled.
  • The number of children living in motels has increased 80%.
  • The number of children living in shelters has risen 124%.
  • And the number who are unsheltered (living in cars or on the streets) has risen a staggering 512% (Orange County Community Indicators, 2018).

According to the American Psychological Association, food insecurity (wondering where their next meal will come from) correlates with low scores on measures of health, behavioral functioning and academic performance. Additionally, NPR has also reported that unaddressed trauma and chronic stress are linked to attention, concentration, memory and creativity difficulties.

How We're Changing These Statistics

Illumination Foundation was actually sparked into existence when our Co-Founders, Paul Leon and Paul Cho, observed first-hand the number of children and families sleeping on the floor of an emergency shelter. “It was both appalling and riveting,” says Paul Leon. “I knew I would never be able to sleep in my bed and continue to do nothing with those pictures in my mind.”
That same week, Leon and fellow UCI master’s student Paul Cho went to work. Since that moment, Illumination Foundation continues to actively provide daily services to thousands of homeless and unstably housed children through a variety of short-term and long-term resources.

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