What We’re Doing To Help

Illumination Foundation is “All In,” partnering with local Counties (OC, LA, and Inland Empire) and other non-profits, and adapting our model of service for increased demands, while maintaining our guiding principles and mission focus on the most vulnerable. We are supporting the public health of the ‘whole community’ to lessen the strain on hospitals and emergency rooms. Specifically, we are working with the Healthcare Agency of Orange County to open up new facilities across Orange County to meet the demands of bringing up to 2,300 homeless individuals off of the streets.

We are preparing for what the future might bring and we will be here to serve…

Providing Beds, Resources and Expertise

Illumination Foundation was selected by the Healthcare Agency of Orange County to be the service provider to manage increased bed-capacity for homeless individuals currently on the streets across Orange County. We are creating capacity for up to 2,300 additional beds across several facilities. This effort will also allow dense shelters to reduce the chances of a surge in COVID-19 cases among the homeless that could also impact hospitals and emergency rooms.

  • Touring, staffing and preparing to operate new facilities selected by the County for additional 2,300 clients

  • Recruitment strategy to meet the staffing demands of serving up to 2,300 new beds/clients

Ongoing Communication and Information

  • Heightened focus on safety for staff and clients

  • Implemented proven methods for facility establishment, management of resources, and the responsible acquisition of supplies includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s)

  • Regular video messaging from leadership and front line staff to public

  • Designated a County Overflow Program referral line to relieve stress placed on healthcare systems, hospitals and emergency rooms —
    Referral Line: (714) 543-9400

  • County Overflow Program Referral form and process for flow of clients

  • IF Hotline for homeless individuals and families with children

  • Sharing information, providing facts and representing the homeless to the media

  • Increased social media highlighting facts, education, virtual volunteering, donation opportunities and mental health

  • Weekly Volunteer newsletter to keep volunteer base engaged with virtual opportunities

  • COVID-19 Donor Relief Fund created by IF

  • Participation in The Stand Together Foundation’s #HelptheHelpers campaign run through Go Fund Me and offering a match. Campaign runs through April

  • Participation with other nonprofits in Orange County in the Orange County Community Foundation’s  “Collaborative Giving Day,” called “Help Them Home,” a giving day for OC’s homeless. *Campaign runs April 22, 2020

You can access the Healthcare Agency of Orange County Information Page here:

Operations and Logistics

  • Immediate focus on sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) for staff and clients

  • Video message created for all staff to show the safe way to put on and remove PPE (filmed in-house using clinical staff member)

  • Working with local suppliers to source the large volume of protective equipment needed

  • Partnering with local chefs and food distribution company to support increased demands at new sites and offset the economic impact to local restaurants/food businesses

  • Staging all facilities identified by the Healthcare Agency of Orange County as they come online (mattresses, bedding, towels, food service/menus)

  • Continue to provide a high level of care to ongoing client needs with attention to their safety and overall well-being

Team, Staff and Partners

  • Virtual volunteer opportunities for our corp of volunteers including our Amazon Wish List and other creative ideas suggested in our weekly Volunteer newsletter:
  • Ongoing Virtual town Halls created for Illumination Foundation staff to ask questions and receive ongoing updates about COVID-19 and Illumination Foundation’s progress. The Town Halls have featured CEO, Paul Leon; COO, Pooja Bhalla; CFO, John Ing and Board Chairman, Mike Cupps.
  • Dedicated to building staff morale and showing gratitude, which is critical as staff works tirelessly to providea high level of service to every client that crosses our door.
  • Staff and Partners in Action:

  • Ongoing video messaging from leadership, HR and behavioral health to focus on information, facts and wellness.

  • “Hero of the Week,” program created to acknowledge emerging leaders within IF during this crisis.

  • “Pizza Friday” for all staff to show gratitude for the support, dedication and sacrifice of all staff members as they staff up to handle new clients from the streets in addition to current clients currently in our programs.

  • Ongoing communication from Human Resources to address anxieties and communicating staff benefits during COVID-19 and referral sources for mental health and well being.

  • Creating a fun and healthy “Staff Snack Corner,” for every site as these frontline heros continue “Lighting the Way,” in serving the homeless.

  • Supporting partner chefs/restaurants via our website with updated listings of: hours of operation, special offerings, holiday meals, pick-up/delivery status.

  • Worked with Guaranty Chevrolet to secure two, 15-passenger transportation vans for the price of one. Using social media to show gratitude and support.

  • Ongoing Virtual town Halls created for Illumination Foundation staff to ask questions and receive ongoing updates about COVID-19 and Illumination Foundation’s progress. The Town Halls have featured CEO, Paul Leon; COO, Pooja Bhalla; CFO, John Ing and Board Chairman, Mike Cupps.
IF's Response to COVID-19. Click Here for Hotline #

March 18, 2020

Dear Friends, In an effort to continue to provide support to the most vulnerable homeless in our community during the COVID-19 health crisis, Illumination Foundation has set up a telephone hotline. Our multi-service center in Stanton will remain open as a resource to those in need on an appointment only basis beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

If you need assistance, please call our hotline number at (714) 507-2459 from 9am to 5pm to speak with one of our staff members. Please know that we have put these procedures in place to keep our staff safe and healthy while continuing to deliver the highest quality of care to our homeless clients.

With Gratitude,

Paul Leon


Please note that our Children's Resource Center, while closed to walk-in traffic, has a staff available to direct you to resources or to answer questions.

Please call (714) 912-2570 for more information and resources.

Thank you,
Illumination Foundation