Children’s Resource Center

Children's Resource Center: Shaping Young Lives

Since 2013, Illumination Foundation’s Children’s Resource Centers provide services to more than 1,200 homeless and unstably housed children and their families. A year-round resource, Illumination Foundation is committed to guiding vulnerable young minds to help these children rebuild their confidence in the academic realm, achieve significant improvements in the classroom, and enjoy the happy moments of childhood that all children deserve.

Illumination Foundation’s Children’s Resource Center improves academic performance among its participating children not only through tutoring, supplemental education programs, and socialization activities but also through attention to basic physical and psychological needs.

All children who are either enrolled in Illumination Foundation’s family services or reside in the surrounding low-income community are able to participate at no cost to the families. The CRC is open during the school year, as well as during vacations and breaks, to maximize program effectiveness.

Each of our Children’s Resource Centers is a quality care environment. The Illumination Foundation follows sound therapeutic principles with a need-focused approach. We are continually developing and refining our CRC portfolio of services to meet student needs. These services include:

  • Free early childhood education for young children and their parents
  • Tutoring and Afterschool Academic Assistance
  • Supervised outdoor activities and field trips
  • STEM lessons (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math lessons specifically designed to help children develop thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative and creative skills)
  • Nutritious meal services
  • Counseling
  • Art and drama workshops
  • Bilingual parenting classes
  • Organized team sports and games
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Medical outreach events that include mobile clinics and access to health care

The Children’s Resource Center also has become a community hub: Engaged parents lead neighborhood meetings to discuss neighborhood issues.

Programming at the Illumination Foundation Children’s Resource Centers is provided in collaboration with multiple partners, including Child Abuse Prevention Center, Readiness on the Road, Art and Creativity for Healing, South Coast Repertory, Magnolia Family Resource Center, Chapman University, UCI Nursing Students Program, PBS Socal, OC Dream Team, Second Harvest Food Bank, Anaheim White House, Core Power Yoga, MIAH, and The Boys and Girls Club.



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