Our Impact

Since July 2008, Illumination Foundation has worked tirelessly to break the cycle of homelessness for Southern California’s most vulnerable populations.

Our services target two cycles of homelessness

To date, we’ve provided 27,187 individuals with vital services that make a lifetime of difference.

2,316 families and 6,599 individuals provided housing services.

Emergency Housing, Bridge Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing and Micro-communities

We implement the Housing First approach, a national best practice for homelessness with proven results, emphasizing creating permanent housing solutions for those in need. We walk alongside our clients every step of the way with intensive case management to ensure that they attain stability and maintain their success.

  • 2 month average from program enrollment to apartment move-in
  • 94% of families retain housing
  • 52% average household income growth at 12 months

14,385 individuals provided Health Care service connection

Health expos, vision clinics, health care outreach

We increase access to medical care and mental health services for homeless and unstably housed individuals to improve housing stability and quality of life. Clients receive access to preventative health care and basic medical needs from our medical partners at free-of-cost health expos and clinics.

 2,561 individuals provided Recuperative Care services

Social case management, medical case management, medical stabilization, medical bridge housing

Our program is designed specifically to care for homeless patients who do not have a place to recuperate after discharge. This program ensures that patients will have a place to stay off of the streets to properly recover and prevent a return to the emergency room. Patients are provided interim housing, integrated medical oversight, intensive case management, and the opportunity to end their cycle of homelessness as they work towards a life of self-sufficiency. 

  • 50% decrease in hospital readmission
  • Daily cost of care for homeless patients lowered by almost 90%
  • $19 Million in cost savings to hospitals and taxpayers
  • 46% of patients transition into permanent housing

1,950 children provided educational services.

Pre-Kindergarten Program, After School Program, Summer Program, Mental Health Counseling, Free Meals

Providing a safe haven with our Children’s Resource Centers helps children thrive academically and emotionally with free meals, after school programs, counseling and more. Our program addresses harm reduction and trauma informed care that help our kids meet important developmental milestones to ensure they do not fall back into the cycle of homelessness.

  • 17% average GPA increase in school
  • 87% average decrease in missed school attendance
  • 18% average decrease in risk for behavioral and emotional disorders

1,180 individuals provided Workforce Training.

Mock Interviews, Resume Building, Skills Training, Job Readiness

Without proper skills, many adults are left unprepared to find work. Our rigorous job readiness training program works with corporate partners to help thousands of homeless and unstably housed adults find jobs and maintain employment.

  • 78% job placement rate

Help us continue making an impact in the lives of so many in our community, today.