About Illumination Foundation

About Illumination Foundation

At Illumination Foundation, our mission is to provide targeted, interdisciplinary services for the most vulnerable homeless clients in order to disrupt the cycle of homelessness in Southern California.


Every person deserves compassion, dignity, and the safety of a place to call home.

Paul Cho, Co-Founder & CFO, Illumination Foundation

Why is Illumination Foundation here?

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Over 55,000 people are homeless in Southern California each year.

In Orange County, over 32,000 children are unstably housed.
1 in 4 children live below the poverty line.

91% of children we server have faced moderate to severe trauma prior to entering our program.

The average lifespan of a homeless person is 48 years.

30% of homeless individuals have at least one chronic health condition.

91% of the public believe homelessness is primarily caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

85% of the public believe homelessness is primarily caused by mental illness.

The truth is that most cases of homelessness stem from lack of access to resources, chronic illness and financial insecurity.

Everyday, we wake up with the thought that today, we’re not only going to save some lives, but try to give these individuals a better quality of life.

Paul Leon, President & CEO, Illumination Foundation

We’re here to disrupt the cycle of homelessness.

Our newly developed Street2Home initiative uses innovative programs, integrated care, and unique partnerships, to help homeless clients find lasting stability.

We assess clients in order to identify needs and provide immediate relief when necessary, followed by care that combines housing assistance, case management, medical care, mental health services, and workforce training and placement services to decrease community dependency. We offer a low-entry threshold to access health and housing stability for the most vulnerable members of our community, with a focus on families and those with chronic health conditions.

Join us to make a difference in our community today.

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IF's Response to COVID-19. Click Here for Hotline #

March 18, 2020

Dear Friends, In an effort to continue to provide support to the most vulnerable homeless in our community during the COVID-19 health crisis, Illumination Foundation has set up a telephone hotline. Our multi-service center in Stanton will remain open as a resource to those in need on an appointment only basis beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

If you need assistance, please call our hotline number at (714) 507-2459 from 9am to 5pm to speak with one of our staff members. Please know that we have put these procedures in place to keep our staff safe and healthy while continuing to deliver the highest quality of care to our homeless clients.

With Gratitude,

Paul Leon


Please note that our Children's Resource Center, while closed to walk-in traffic, has a staff available to direct you to resources or to answer questions.

Please call (714) 912-2570 for more information and resources.

Thank you,
Illumination Foundation